Providing support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

7 Ways to Learn With Us

There is no truer statement than “You don’t know what you don’t know.” But what is the impact of not knowing? If your child has a disability, the value of knowing what you don’t know could be life-changing!  For many there is a steep learning curve – the diagnosis, the jargon, policies, rights, responsibilities, possibilities and more.  

Arc GMC leaders are all too familiar with the steep learning curve and hope that information shared on the Arc GMC website and at Arc GMC hosted events will provide you and your family with the information, tools and resources needed to create a positive life trajectory. 

— The A Look Ahead Quarterly Conference Series brings together expert speakers for training focused on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities, the people who support them, and the community at large. Conference participants will leave with information and resources they can use now and in the future.

— The Arc GMC website “Home” page offers information on a variety of important issues that impact the lives of persons with IDD and their families. 

— The Breaking Barriers Newsletter is published every other month. Inside each issue you will find informational articles, community and online resources, upcoming events, policy updates, action alerts and more. Sign up to receive the newsletter in your inbox. 

Creating IEPs  is a 1-day workshop (held twice a year) for families and students with disabilities who participate in the ARD/IEP planning process. The day is filled with information to assist ARD/IEP meeting participants in making informed decisions.

— The Living With Disability Conference is held annually in collaboration with Texas Parent to Parent. The knowledge shared with parents at this event enables them to deal with the unique issues and challenges they face on a daily basis in caring for their children and empowers them to advocate for their child’s needs. 

— Arc GMC is honored to be affiliated with The Self-Determination Group.  Established in 2014, The Self-Determination group is run by and for individuals with disabilities with the support of an advisor. Group activities focus on empowering individuals with disabilities to live a self-determined life and advancing the disability rights movement.

Tuesday Takeaways, held monthly, feature educational speakers on important Pre-K - Graduation topics and allow participants to connect with one another.