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and developmental disabilities

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If creating a vision about the future for your child, a family member or yourself is difficult to think about, you are not alone. Allow yourself to dream. Creating a vision can move you (and your child) from fear of the unknown to an action oriented plan - a vision with hopes and dreams for the future. The vision does not need to be based on what has happened to others before you, or on what anyone else suggests possible. It is for you (and your child) to determine.


             Information and tools to help families and their children develop a vision.

             Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) have launched a new website and online training to encourage the use of                      Person-Centered Planning across the state. Person- Centered Planning helps people achieve the quality of life they                  desire and ensures they live, learn, work and participate in the setting of their choice.

             Person-centered planning is a broad term used to describe an intentional, deliberate approach to planning for and                      with the person with a disability, rather than waiting for and fearing the future.

Creating a vision brings the future into the present

so you can do something about it today.